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IRIS: SJI in focus flats
2013-12-03T01:30:50 to 2013-12-03T01:49:00
Program: OBS 4201900014: SJI dither flat v4, focused sequence
Target: QS
xcen=5 ycen=134
Instrument: IRIS
Description: SJI in focus flats
1 repeats of OBSID 4201900014 - SJI dither flat v4, focused sequence
IRIS roll: 0.0 degrees
IRIS planner pointing: (5.3 arcsec, 133.5 arcsec)
OBS duration: 1090.1 seconds = 1 repeats x 1090.1 seconds/repeat
OBS data volume: 68.1 megabytes = 545.0 megabits = 1090.1 seconds * 0.5 megabits/second

Hits: 75
Planner: Charles Kankelborg

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