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SOT: Synoptic
2007-12-19T10:10:00 to 2007-12-19T10:20:00
Science Goal: Synoptic
Program: Synoptic BFI NFI (revised: no mask)
Target: Sun Center
xcen=0 ycen=0
Instrument: SOT
Description: AR10978 is now close enough to the limb that today's plan (loaded on 12/17) has fixed pointing at the West limb. 2007/12/18 11:21:00 - 2007/12/19 10:05:00 pointing: (931,-160) FG16 CaH 2kx2k 2x2 500ms for limb prominence, 15 sec FG09 (0x0184) XBP - Na IV,Ca,GB 4kx2k 2x2 FG10 (0x0152) Halpha 2 WL core DG + CaH, for prominences

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