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SOTSP: IHOP 377 penumbral formation
2019-10-10T17:04:00 to 2019-10-10T18:04:00
Science Goal: penumbral formation
Program: Normal map 82"x82", Q65/Q75, 1 side
Target: Magnetic flux
xcen=286 ycen=-103
Instrument: SOT
HOP/JOP: 377
Description: Request to SOT HOP Number 0377 G-band and Ca II H filtergrams with 5/10 minute cadence, relevant to the photospheric and low chromospheric levels. Spectropolarimetric rasters along the Fe I 630.2 nm pair with one hour cadence in normal map mode, 1000X512 or 512X512

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Chief Observer
Frank (RCO)->Kubo
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