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SOTSP: HOP 362 Plage in AR 12858
2021-08-23T01:40:00 to 2021-08-23T02:59:35
Science Goal: The role of chromospheric jets for the heating of plages
Program: Fast map, 164x164", 1-side, Q75, no repeat
Target: Plage
xcen=730 ycen=96
Instrument: SOTSP
Description: Main Objective: Chromospheric jets and photospheric magnetic fields in plage regions Scientific Justification: The main purpose is spectroscopically revealing the role of chromospheric jets for the heating of plages by investigating time variation of chromospheric absorption lines around fine structures in plages. Chromospheric lines (CaII, MgII, H-alpha) are observed with spectroscopes of IRIS and Hida/DST. The chromospheric temperature will be derived from CaII and MgII, and velocity field will be derived from H-alpha. On the other hand, photospheric magnetic fields under jets are observed with HINODE/SOT.

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Chief Observer
Tiwari (RCO)
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