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SOTSP: HOP 336 North
2021-08-23T18:04:00 to 2021-08-23T20:59:35
Science Goal: Cycle 25 Bright Points
Program: Normal 320"x82", 1 side, Q75
Target: Quiet Sun
xcen=-33 ycen=405
Instrument: SOTSP
HOP/JOP: 336
Description: Main Objective: To find the magnetic and chromospheric signatures of the onset of cycle 25. Scientific Justification: Small magnetic features and coronal bright points have been shown to indicate the bands of activity associated with the solar cycle. The precise location of these bands is important for predicting the timing of solar minimum and, more generally, the long-term variability of the Sun. Recently, the onset of the activity bands of solar cycle 25 have been observed at high latitudes (McIntosh et al. 2014, McIntosh and Leamon 2017). These authors found a periodicity within the activity bands that is on the order of the solar rotation rate, but offset between the north and south. To date, the signatures of solar cycle 25 have been measured by SDO/AIA and SDO/HMI. However, these instruments do not allow us to measure the spectral signatures of these features nor their vector magnetic field. Hinode SP measurements will give us high resolution vector field data, and IRIS will show the chromospheric spectral signature of the bright points. McIntosh, S. W., et al., 2014, ApJ, 792, 12 McIntosh, S. W. and Leamon, R. J., 2017, Front. Astron. Space Sci., 4:4 McIntosh, S. W. et al., 2019, Solar Physics, 294, 88

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Chief Observer
Tiwari (RCO)
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