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SOTSP: HOP 336 South Hemisphere
2022-05-30T09:49:00 to 2022-05-30T10:53:30
Science Goal: Cycle 25 Bright Points
Program: Fast Map, Full FOV 1 side CCD Q75
Target: Quiet Sun
xcen=-18 ycen=-663
Instrument: SOTSP
HOP/JOP: 336
Description: Request to SOT HOP Number 0336 (Updated: September 2019) ---------- additional instructions (for eclipse season) ----------- ID: 0x12c (Fast Map, Full FOV) During eclipse season, please run a full width, full height fast map at the same pointings, instead of the normal maps. Each of these should run twice, in 2 consecutive orbits, for redundancy. Full height is requested because SOT offsets in Y are large and slightly uncertain during eclipse season.

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Chief Observer
Cruz (RCO)
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