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SOTSP: HOP81 (south pole)
2023-12-07T12:04:00 to 2023-12-07T15:15:00
Science Goal: CORE (HOP0002) Polar Monitoring Campaign during the Solar Cycle
Program: Fast deep mode, 2048 slit position, LIMB ONLY
Target: S. Pole
xcen=-22 ycen=-963
Instrument: SOTSP
Description: Objectives: 1: To observe the evolution of the magnetic field distribution around the poles during the solar cycle. 2: To understand the relationship between photospheric magnetic field and the coronal structures (include the solar wind) around the poles. Scientific Background: The polar observations by SOT/SP revealed that there are many strong patchy magnetic poles around the poles. Such strong magnetic fields in the polar region may strongly relate with the dynamo and it is very important to observe the evolution of the magnetic field distribution for understanding the dynamo. The strong patchy magnetic poles have the trumpet-like vertical magnetic structure. Although we think that the trumpet structures may relate with the fast solar wind, there are no coronal (X-ray/EUV) structures on most of the magnetic structures. To understand the fast solar wind, the relationship between photospheric magnetic fields and coronal structures in the polar coronal hole is very essential. During the polarity reversal, the opposite polarity magnetic field invade the polar region. At the time, the relationship between coronal activities/structures and photospheric magnetic field is very interesting for understanding the solar wind.

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