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SOTSP: HOP 393 Equatorial
2024-02-24T00:04:00 to 2024-02-27T11:02:00
Science Goal: Cycle 24/25 equatorial transition
Program: Normal 320"x82", 1 side, Q75
Target: Central meridian
xcen=-21 ycen=81
Instrument: SOT
HOP/JOP: 393
Description: abstract of observational proposal Main Objective: Capture the magnetic and chromospheric signatures of the transition between cycle 24 and 25. Scientific Justification: Small magnetic features and coronal bright points have been shown to indicate the bands of activity associated with the solar cycle. The precise location of these bands is important for predicting the timing of solar minimum and, more generally, the long-term variability of the Sun.

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Cruz (RCO)--> SED
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