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SOTSP: HOP 412 N-S Scans 19/20
2024-03-14T20:28:30 to 2024-03-14T20:47:05
Science Goal: To study how small-scale magnetic flux and solar irradiance varies over the sunspot cycle
Program: Normal map 30 arcsec, Shorter Irradiance: DO NOT MODIFY!
Target: Quiet Sun
xcen=-21 ycen=806
Instrument: SOTSP
HOP/JOP: 412
Description: ? Perform a series of 20 scans spanning the central meridian on a monthly basis, avoiding SSA intervals ? 30? normal maps at each pointing using SOT-SP program 0x008a ? Duration: about 12 hours (longer during eclipse season)

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Chief Observer
Nitta (RCO) -> DeRosa (RCO)
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