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2024-03-19T00:24:00 to 2024-03-19T03:25:35
Science Goal: Polar Panorama Map for understanding Polar Reversal
Program: Fast deep mode, 2048 slit position, LIMB ONLY
Target: S. Pole
xcen=-21 ycen=-959
Instrument: SOTSP
HOP/JOP: 206
Description: The data obtained by the HOP81 observations show that the longitudinal dependence of polar reversal is large. Especially, the dependence becomes important for understanding the progress of polar reversal when polar reversal is progressing to the final phase. Hence, we propose the special observation for taking the panorama map of magnetic field around Pole. If we want to make the panorama map that covers until 65 degrees latitude, we need to perform the polar observation every 3.5 days during one month. Considering the matters about Hinode operation (flares, satellite operation, etc.), we request to perform the polar observation every 3 days. It means that we need to perform 11 (rev: 29-jan-2021) polar observations for one panorama map during one month.

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Chief Observer
DeRosa (RCO)
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