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SOT: Active Region Evolution
2007-04-30T00:14:35 to 2007-04-30T23:54:00
Science Goal: Active region tracking; AR; AR10940
Program: H lc, CaH, G-b 4Kx2K 2x2 2min
Target: AR10940
xcen=-180 ycen=-97
Instrument: SOT
Description: SOT: Support SUMER/Hinode campaign and JOP 178 SOT: p-mode leakage study (proposed by McIntosh, Lites, and DePontieu) andnbsp
coordinated with TRACE (Starts at TBD) andnbsp
SOT -> SP and CaIIH, andnbsp
XRT -> context image support in TRACE FOV XRT: SUMER/Hinode campaign. THEMIS campaign and micro-flares observation, if a good AR appears. Hinode co-alignment run is requested in the weekend plan (regular co-alignment off-point program is canceled due to presence of large AR. XRT takes some G-band image during AR tracking). EIS: Support for JOP 178 and final week of SUMER campaign.
There are some interesting loops observed in the lower left portion of the umbra at the light bridge.
Also, in the middle of the umbra itself, you can see a moving bright point that seems to be related to a bright footpoint of the loops at the bridge.

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Chief Observer
Young, Katsukawa
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