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2023-12-12 16:29:58-17:02:20
AR 13511 W limb
flare watch
Max FOV:162"x162"
Target:Active Region
Nearby Events
6302A Continuum Intensity162"x162"512 spectra
6302A Longitudinal Flux Density162"x162"512 spectra
6302A Transverse Flux Density162"x162"512 spectra
6302A Velocity 6301.5A162"x162"512 spectra

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SP Cubes 7 MB
SOTSP: AR 13511 W limb
2023-12-12T16:29:58 to 2023-12-12T17:02:20
Science Goal: flare watch
Program: Fast map, 164x164", 1-side, Q75, no repeat
Target: Active Region
xcen=880 ycen=-393
Instrument: SOTSP
Description: AR 13511 on the west limb for major flare watch

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