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XRT: HOP349 3
2019-11-22T02:28:06 to 2019-11-22T05:59:28
Science Goal: HOP 349
Program: XOB:1B8E; HOP349 - 3-filter Synoptics (Al-mesh[64/512/2897], Al-poly[181/1024/8192], thin-Be[1024/11571/23142] with 512x512 G-band 1ms+Leak - 50 min cad) + CME watch (4x4 - AEC 2/3 - Be-thin, Al-poly, Al-mesh - 600s cad) (1C30)
Target: FS
xcen=-40 ycen=-22
Instrument: XRT

Hits: 13
Chief Observer
Guliano, Lucas
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wavelength: Be_thin+Open cadence: 5 min fov: 2107,2107 images: 3 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Open+Al_mesh cadence: 14.04 min fov: 2107,2107 images: 14 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Open+Gband cadence: 28.87 min fov: 528,528 images: 8 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Al_poly+Open cadence: 0.67 min fov: 2107,2107 images: 315 JavaScript Landing Page