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Observation Details
XRT: Coalignment North Pole
2021-09-22T19:13:03 to 2021-09-22T21:41:50
Science Goal:
Program: XOB:1CA9; Alignment with North Pole Al/poly 1443ms Q95 2x2 (G-band and VLS=CLS) - 5min cad (1C8D)
Target: FS
xcen=-473 ycen=-615
Instrument: XRT

Hits: 15
Chief Observer
TESTA, Paola
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wavelength: Be_thin+Open cadence: 8.5 min fov: 395,395 images: 16 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Open+Gband cadence: 35.4 min fov: 396,396 images: 4 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Open+Ti_poly cadence: 106.17 min fov: 395,395 images: 2 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Al_poly+Open cadence: 0.6 min fov: 2107,2107 images: 247 JavaScript Landing Page