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Observation Details
XRT: AR Obs HighCad Be Thin 5 NO AUTO
2023-12-07T21:40:26 to 2023-12-08T03:59:38
Science Goal:
Program: XOB:1CC3; HOP361 - High cadence (10s thin-Be only) 256x256 at 1064 1048 (1CC3)
Target: AR
xcen=585 ycen=82
Instrument: XRT

Hits: 7
Chief Observer
SUAREZ, Crisel
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wavelength: Be_thin+Open cadence: 0.5 min fov: 263,263 images: 3 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Open+Gband cadence: 29.26 min fov: 264,264 images: 12 JavaScript Landing Page
wavelength: Open+Ti_poly cadence: 64.39 min fov: 263,263 images: 6 JavaScript Landing Page
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